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     Evon Furniture & Co is a black-owned furniture and home décor store dedicated to showcasing the talent and creativity of black and brown creators. We source out products exclusively from people of color, providing them with a platform to showcase their unique and culturally rich creations to a wider audience. Our modern and elegant store features a range of furniture and home décor pieces, designed manufactured, and/or created by a diverse group of artists, inventors, and designers.

     At Evon Furniture & Co, we are committed to making a difference and empowering people of color in the creative industries. We aim to educate and support our community by hosting workshops, seminars, and other events to help black and brown creators develop their skills and connect with like minded individuals. By prioritizing the success of our creators and connecting them with customers who share our values, we hope to create a space that not only inspires but also makes a positive impact on our community. Come visit us and discover the unique and inspiring creations of black and brown creators at Evon Furniture & Co.

Interior Design
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